Huckle Buck Higgins

Huckle Buck Higgins


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20 Mar 2024

HBH@66 Kix Springfield, Mo

Friday 3/29/24, HBH will be live

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20 Mar 2024

As good as it gets

Huckle Buck's latest album "As good as it gets" is available for download

22 Oct 2023

New album in the works

HBH is currently recording a new collection of songs which he plans on releasing mid-late  November 2023.

If everything goes as planned there will be limited cassette tapes for sale shortly after.

22 Jun 2023

H.B.H. on Tinker Tapes

Huckle Buck has a single out on cassette under the Tinker Tapes label. You can purchase tracks from them digitally here

There are limited copy's left in tangible form. If your interested in obtaining one, Talk to the man

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